Cargo Craft's Quality Construction


1. Axle
The safest and most proven suspension system available comes with springs and equilizers. This allows all four tires to remain in contact with the road. All 2 axle trailers come standard with electric brakes. Easy lube hubs allow you to grease bearings without disassembly.
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2. Tires and Wheels
White painted corrosion resistant wheels exceed the rated capacity of the trailer are standard. Highest quality bias ply tires are engineered to match trailer capacity. This eliminates the sway associated with other tires.
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3. Fender Wells
All steel fender wells are welded in place then primed and painted forming a TRULY UNITIZED FRAME.
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4. Chassis
Heavy-Duty tubular steel main rails with steel z-cross members and outriggers combine to form the strongest construction available. Undercoating adds years of life to the complete chassis.
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5. Hitch Assembly
In order to transfer hitch assembly stress into the main chassis and into the superstructure we extend the tubular steel A-frame hitch into the chassis where it is welded to the front and inside cross members as well as the main rails.
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6. Radius Corner Posts
Steel radius corner posts located at all four corners welded the full width of the frame and gusseted with steel plates provide larger welding surfaces and a more durable frame.
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7. Body Frame
Vertical studs are square tubular steel giving strength in all directions. Studs are placed on 16" centers to prevent buckling and bowing of exterior metal skin in transit.
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8. Roof Bows and Braces
One-piece roof bows are made of square tubular steel welded to the side wall sills. All roof bows are tied together by two square tubular steel braces providing a trult unitized frame from top to bottom. This feature puts Cargo Craft ahead of the competition and provides a solid steel structure for fastening the metal roof. Fasteners are enclosed in steel eliminating the need for wood or foam tape which can be dangerous as well as unsightly.
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9. Door Frame
All door openings are welded with formed steel channel top and both sides for rigid anchoring. Many manufacturers only use channel for one side.
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10. Door Hinges
Maintenance free heavy duty hinges welded directly to corner post provide a 270 degree swing. Doors can be locked open and out of the way when backing up to a building or ramp.
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"Tow the Best and Forget the Rest"
By building better trailers that provide smooth towing and stable handling, we can live up to our slogan "Tow the Best and Forget the Rest." An unequaled one year warranty that includes both materials and workmanship is standard.

Water Check in Progress.
Cargo Craft is still the only manufacturer in the industry that water checks each trailer before shipment.

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